This Dormouse Is Snoring And It is Adorable – Make Sure Your Volume Is Turned Up!


A Dormouse is probably one of the cutest little creatures every. They even snore when sleeping. Imagine having to sleep next to a snoring Dormouse. They love to sleep. In fact, depending on where they live, they can hibernate as long as six months out of the year. That is a very long nap. It can even be a noisy one with all that snoring going on. In the video, a group of scientists found a Dormouse. They believed at first, the Dormouse might have been injured or even had passed away. When the researchers held the little Dormouse, they noticed it was indeed alive. Then listening very closely, they heard such a loud noise. This little Dormouse was snoring away. It did not wake up at all. The Dormouse just snored and snored away. The researchers could not believe what they had discovered in such a little creature. The snoring noise is very loud, and very distinct. The noise sounds quite like a human being with a stuffy nose. The researchers listening to the Dormouse were surprised at how comfortable it was. The Dormouse did not seem to be disturbed at all by the people holding onto it. The Dormouse has been known to hibernate due to the temperature of the weather outside, but has never been recorded snoring until now. The Dormouse is native to Europe and Asia.

It is part of the rodent family. You have to wonder if any other rodents snore like our little Dormouse friend. We will have to wait for a scientist or researcher to discover that, one supposes. A Dormouse can live up to five years in normal conditions. The Dormouse has one to two babies a year. This depends on the age of the Dormouse. The Dormouse is very furry, and its tail is also furry. Most rodents have a scaly tail, but the Dormouse dose not. The Dormouse gets it’s name from the Latin meaning “Sleepy One”. That is true after viewing the video of the snoring Dormouse.

The Dormouse is found mainly in Europe. They will grow 2 to 7 inches long. They love to eat berries, nuts and small insects. They hibernate in dens built in trees. They have a den mentality and will store food accordingly. If their babies are born during this time, they stay with their mother until warmer weather. If hibernation is on a normal schedule, the Dormouse can sleep up to 3/4 of their lives. That can be more than 6 months every year spent snoring away. No wonder the researchers were worried when they found this sleepy critter. For as small as it is, the noise it makes is very mighty. For the ultimate in cuteness, the snoring Dormouse is it.

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