This Dog Knew Something Wasn’t Right. What He Does To Save His Owner’s Life Is Amazing…


We always say that dogs are smarter than we give them credit for. This video is proof that dogs can be very smart. Shannon Locke is a woman who suffers from epilepsy, and she deals with it with Poppy, her dog who is there to provide seizure alerts. Epilepsy is one of those life-threatening conditions that causes the people who suffer from the seizures to be afraid almost all the time. An attack can come on suddenly, and without any warning. When there is warning, it can often be the difference between life or death.

Shannon’s dog Poppy was able to save the day recently, and some very brave footage was released so that we can see just how Poppy was able to save her life. This dog should be regarded as a hero, and we are certain that Shannon feels this way. Shannon was able to film a recent epileptic fit because of poppies warning, which came approximately 15 minutes before the seizure itself. Those 15 minutes are considered priceless because it allows the patient to find a safe place to be prior to the seizure taking hold. She is able to lie down and breathe before the seizing begins.

What do you think about this dog? Is he a true hero? Post your comments and see what your friends have to say about the video as well.

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