It’s This Dog’s Last Day. What Her Owner Does is AMAZING!


The Saint Bernard in this video had been such a loyal companion for the duration of its life, her owner did not want to see her go out without one last day filled with fun and merriment. Sophia the dog was blessed to enjoy a healthy life with an owner who cared for her deeply and provided her with a forever home.

Every dog should be so lucky to have an owner who loves them this much. Many dogs are forced to grow up in much less fortunate circumstances and are never able to experience the love that Sophia has gotten to enjoy over the course of her life. Although it is clear that her passing will give her owner great sorrow, she is determined to make sure that Sophia’s final moments are truly special.

After being diagnosed with a form of terminal bone cancer, it is clear that there nothing left to be done for Sophia. All that can be done now is ensuring her comfort and happiness. To that end, Sophia’s owner decided that the best way to spend their last day together would be to have one last frolic in the snow.

Sophia made her owner very happy during her time on this planet and even though, it is sad to her go, at least she was able to go out doing what she loved most.

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