This Dog’s Favorite Commercial Comes On. When He Does This, I’m On The Floor


The 2015 Super Bowl Budweiser commercial, “Lost Dog” is a heart-warming depiction that tugs at just about any dog owner’s or equestrian’s heart strings, whether or not they have a love of beer as well. The same commercial caused one dog to take a candid interest too. According to a video that appeared on the San Francisco’s Globe website on March 29, 2015, one canine viewer did find the commercial to be well worth watching. In the equally heart-warming movie, the dog stops what he is doing to watch the Budweiser story unfold.

Without giving away the whole story line, the Budweiser tale recounts the journey of a dog that becomes lost from his owner and must meet with a variety of challenges while attempting to get back home. When the dog was young, he made the acquaintance of a horse who he later meets in a memorable encounter and incident. However, the meeting is not just happenstance, it also saves the grateful dog’s life.

The dog is saved from the impending attack of a wolf by the same horse he met as a young pup. Both the horse and his horse friends gallop on the scene just in time to save the dog from the inevitable attack. When you look at the dog watching the commercial, he stands up at one point, just like a stadium fan, and seems to be cheering the dog’s escape from what would have been a vicious attack.

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