This Dog Was Found Living Outside A Hospital, How They Helped Brought Me To Tears


The dog in this clip was struggling to find a home and had taken refuge in a hospital parking lot. A nurse took notice of this dog’s plight and decided to get her some help. She called a local rescue and Hope For Paws arrived on the scene, ready to provide this stray dog with the tender, loving care she so desperately needed. A man who was working as a representative from the shelter had already tried to provide this dog with the necessary aid, but she had become so frightened of people from being mistreated, it was next to impossible for the man to get close enough to her to help. After experiencing a great degree of difficulty, he decided to come back later in the day, when the dog would potentially be more at ease and able to accept a helping hand.

In order to rescue this skittish pup, he had to tap into his inner secret agent and sneak around her fearful nature. Even though she became afraid and began to run for her life, he did not let this deter his rescue efforts, running alongside her until she became less terrified and more willing to allow him to help. Slowly, his work started to pay off and the dog let her guard down, trusting the man to provide her with the aid she needed. From there, he takes the dog away from her makeshift home in the hospital parking lot and accompanies her to the local shelter. She then received a much needed bath, which restored the whiteness of her fur. After the dirty dog was made white again, her rescue decided to name her Oakley. Once she has been removed from her awful living situation and placed in the presence of humans that are trustworthy, her distrust begins to fade. As the trust continues to build and her confidence in the human race is restored, Oakley starts to slowly become a loving pet once more.

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