This Dog Wandered Onto Ice and Fell Through, But Luckily Some Good People Heard His Cries!


Here is a story of a 13-year-old dog that found himself in such an unfortunate situation. Little Boo is a very social canine in the neighborhood who is popularly known to say hello to all his friends whenever he makes his rounds every night. He is mostly considered as a best friend to just about everyone in the whole neighborhood.

On this fateful day, the whole attention of people in the neighborhood was drawn to an unfamiliar sound that started all of a sudden from a nearby lake. It sounded like a ‘cry for help’ however, this time, it was not from a human but from the beloved pooch. Neighbors became more concerned about his whereabouts as soon as they discovered that he was nowhere to be found.

Upon casting their eyes onto the lake, they were amazed to find little Boo on the verge of death as he struggled on the ice for his dear life. No one knows why he ventured onto the ice; could he be confused or was he chasing after an animal he had seen earlier? Well, these were needless to think about at this time as what mattered most was to save his life.

While clinging to his life on the ice, Boo was determined not to give up but it was obvious that it won’t last for long. Luckily for him, a group of firemen arrived at the scene and began chipping their way through the ice so as to reach the desperate dog who was still barking for help.

To the joy of everyone, the dog was saved and today he is not only alive but healthy and happy.

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