This Dog Walkes Up In Pile Of Treats, But Watch What Happens… LOL!


This dog really is living in the lap of luxury, covered in milk bone treats. He is lying on a blue dog bed and then the milk bones cover almost his entire body, save his neck and head. He doesn’t really try and get up from it. He just lies there, enjoying life. The scent of the milk bones alone must be driving him crazy, but he doesn’t even munch on one.

The owner made a comment on YouTube saying that the video was made to prove that it wasn’t created in Photoshop and that the dog really didn’t mind. As you can see from watching this crazy dog video, Oscar is completely zen with the idea of being covered up in dog treats. You know, some dogs go to the beach and are covered with sand, this one is allowed to lounge on a dog bed and be covered with dog treats. I’m sure most dogs would rather choose the latter, too.

The owner said she told the dog “okay” several times to let him know the shoot was done and he could get up. Nope, the dog wanted to stay. The owner even gave him one of the bones, and the other dog in the house, Sadie, a Chihuahua, stole one from the pile, Oscar still wanted to lie there. She seemed surprised. Really? There are a lot of dogs who would probably love to lie there covered in dog bones.

The owner even said a few times the dog looked like he was going to fall asleep.

This video loaded in 2012 and social media has caused it to surge back up to the top of watched videos. You will want to see this lucky dog and his bed of treats, too. Watch and share with your pet loving friends now.

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