This Dog Spent The Entire Winter Outside. But When They Come For Her… Wow.


Zuzi was just another homeless dog, living in parking lots and forced to subsist on scraps, if she was even able to eat at all. After spending a very harsh winter in a company parking lot, Zusi was understandably traumatized. Dogcatchers only served to make matters worse, decreasing her trust level in humans. Any viewer who catches a glimpse of Zuzi’s face at the onset of this clip can sense her sadness and distrust. A long winter spent on the cold, hard ground without shelter will do that to anyone. While some employees at the company whose parking lot she used for a bed would offer her leftovers, there were some who were less compassionate and chased her away. Even when she was approached by those who wished to help her, she did not know if she could trust them and was initially fearful and tentative. Zuzi considered these helpers a potential threat and would grow and snap at them, even attempting to bite them.

The rescuers were later informed that the dogcatchers who had attempted to snatch up Zuzi were to blame for her anger and skeptical nature, as they used their poles in a brutal manner. They chased her around and their tactics were widely considered to be very inhumane. As such, Zuzi had severe trust issues when she was first discovered.

Zuzi is now living the high life and even has a bed with her own name on it. Her happiness at finally having a forever home is plain to see and viewers will be glad to know that she will never be forced to sleep on the cold, hard ground.

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