This Dog’s Reaction After A Bath Is Completely Hysterical. But That’s Not The Best Part!


People attribute human behaviors, speech, thoughts, and feelings to animals. The behavior on the part of man is called anthropomorphism and has probably been practiced since man first existed. This video just takes the behavior to the extremes of hilarity.

It is bath time for a very small dog. The dog is a bit grungy and definitely in need of a bath. As the dog races about in a panic you hear but never see a two-part conversation between the dog and the man.

The dog threatens the man, cajoles the man, expounds on his cleanness as well as being dirty, and races about the hall of the home like something possessed. You know of course that the dog is tub bound no matter what but the voices are simply hilarious.

If you own a dog that has a problem with baths then share the video with your bath hating dog. Who knows, your dog may understand the dog language better than you do. Your dog may even feel sympathy for the little guy that just is not interested in a bath.

We humanize the things that animals do because they are so much like what humans do and feel. The little dog is just like a child that is having a fit because the child does not want to take that “horrible” bath. The video is definitely great for laughs and you might share it with a child that hates baths to relive some of the fear of bath time.

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