THIS Dog Left His Toy Outside and A Fox Found It. The Dog’s Reaction? Hilarious


This is such an unusual sight as this dog’s toy is played with by a fox outside as he watches from the window. Is the Chiweenie breed dog upset over the fox grabbing his toy and playing with it? Really it is hard to say but the dog barks and fusses as he watches from the window. Watch this cute little video as this black-headed dog puts up a fuss when one of his dog toys is flipped into the air. This is quite a site to watch as you don’t always get to see an animal like a fox. Foxes can be very tricky and mostly shy away from us humans. The red fox in this video is jumping and leaping as he plays with the dog’s toy. Lupe seems very disturbed as you watch this YouTube video. The reaction of this Chiweenie dog is so cool as he barks and fusses like a little child when his special toy is used. This was all captured on video by the owner in Yukon, Canada. Lupe barks and fusses at first but then just ends up staring out the window as this fox plays with his toy. What can Lupe really do he is stuck inside watching out the window.

This is such a cool little video getting to watch something like a fox play like this. It may be a once in a lifetime scene knowing how elusive these creatures can be. Watching Lupe taking in the whole situation is such a fun sight to see. He really reacts just like a human kid and that is why you will get such a kick out of this. Watch this cool insight into the animal world and you will see this elusive fox having the time of his life. Don’t forget to show your friends and tell them to pass it on.

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