This Dog Just Wants One Thing. When You See What It Is… Oh My Goodness.


In this world there is one thing that overpowers everything else, no matter the circumstances That one thing is love and it is pretty much everywhere. Not everyone can see it, but it is there and if pay attention you’ll easily be able to see it.

As we all know dogs can be extremely loyal and they are man’s best friend for a reason: they love us unconditionally. Some dogs don’t express their love too much, but others can’t stop expressing it. Similarly, some dogs don’t need to feel the love of their owners a lot to feel like they are loved but some other dogs need to feel it a lot. In fact maybe they don’t “need” it, maybe they just like it, who knows.

The dog in the video clearly likes to feel some love and to cuddle. The looks on his face tells us he could do that the whole day without getting tired of it. His owner, on the other hand, might get a little tired as he was trying to watch some TV before the dog approached him.


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