This Dog Jumped In front Of Bullets To Save His Soldier’s Life. Now Watch What Happens To Him…


We are all well aware of just how loyal dogs can be, especially those of us who keep them as pets. They will risk their own life and limb to ensure the safety of the owners who love them and they do with no hidden agenda whatsoever. Dogs provide us with this loyalty out of love and appreciation. Their actions are selfless and there are few animals who can be compared to them in this regard.

While the majority of Americans will honor soldiers at every opportunity, military dogs are the truly unsung heroes. There are millions of heroic men and women who have laid down their lives to protect our freedom, but did you know that there are also numerous dogs out there who have given the same effort?

Lakya is a beautiful German shepherd and just one of the many dogs who have put their lives on the line. She has consistently placed herself in harm’s way to ensure her owner’s continued protection. Saving the members of her team is the most important aspect of her life and she will do so at all costs. Watch this video then Share on facebook

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