This Dog Is Supposed To Be Euthanized, But Watch Where He Takes Him Instead…


One of life’s harsh realities is that all of our furry friends do not find homes where they get to live with families that love them and pamper them. Every day in the United States, hundreds of animals are taken to shelter that euthanize them. These dogs are not put to sleep because they are sick or because they are in need of medical care, it happens because shelters simply run out of room. While this is certainly one of the sadder truths we are forced to confront, the reality is that there are not enough homes and owners out there who have the ability to take on all of these stray dogs and cats. Some of them are simply unable to find a home of their own and as a result, shelters are forced to make the tough decisions each and every day.

As a nation, America has been blessed with a number of tireless animal rescuers and advocates. But their efforts alone will not be able to save the day. That’s why this story is so amazing and needs to be seen by as many people as possible. Every dog and cat who does not find a home does not have to experience what it is like to be euthanized and here’s how.

Wings of Rescue prides themselves on saving animals who cannot find shelter from an ignominious fate. The organization is not for profit and is strictly dedicated to the safe rescue of animals who are not able to find families to adopt them.

Yehuda Netanal founded the organization, which rescues dogs from the crates where they have been imprisoned and allows them to fly with volunteer pilots. These dogs are more than thrilled to climb aboard and finally be freed from their life in a crate, waiting around for a family to adopt them.

These pups are getting the second chance that they have always deserved and get to experience what it is like to be a VIP. Instead of being put to sleep, the dogs are flown to waiting families around the country, a great solution to an ongoing problem.

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