This Dog Is Finally Adopted After 9 Years In The Shelter. Watch What He Does!


I feel really sorry for those poor animals that spend a lot of time on the shelter. They look like prisoners, and I don’t like it at all. On the other hand I feel really grateful for those shelter. In my home country most dogs are homeless, and they wander around the streets all day long. They don’t have a shelter, they don’t have food, and they have to take care for themselves. So compared to what I see in here, a shelter looks like a paradise. The video I will show you today is about a dog. This dog is adopted after spending 9years in shelter, and he could not be any happier.

I am guessing that the dog feels  its new era coming. He feels that his life will be way different from now on. The moment he gets outside the cage, he just barks, jumps around, and runs like crazy. Cant really blame him because this is probably the happiest day of its life. It is time for some freedom for this this dog. I can only imagine what it feels like to break free from an isolated room.

Thanks to the person who adopted him, this dog will have a loving home now, and a caring family. Nothing is more important that filling the life of these poor animals with lots of happiness, and big smiles. I bet that his family will do anything possible to make their newest companion as happy as they can. In the end this dog really deserves it. It deserves to live a long, happy dog life because he has never experienced what it means to live with a family. This dog is adopted after spending 9years in shelter, and now is time for him to celebrate the big news. Even thought the dog is celebrating on its own, he will celebrate even better once he gets to his forever family.
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