This Dog Had Accepted Defeat And Was Awaiting Death, Then HE Came…


This sad story comes from South America, Brazil. It is one of those sad stories, when a dog was abandoned and given up from life, and everything looked just black&white. We don’t know if this Rottweiler was a homeless dog, or wether he had a owner before finding himself running around the streets of Brazil. All I know is that there are still good people in this world. There are still animal lovers who try to give their contribution one way or another. IT is not that hard to save a life. Take a look at the video below, and think about it.

All this guy did was everything needed to save a life. He just picked up the dog who looked really malnourished, and underweight. He took the dog home, and first thing was washing the dog. Since the dog has lived in the streets for a at least a couple of weeks, then a good bath is the first thing needed. After the shower, you can see that the dog looks much better. He is all cleaned up, and already looks relaxed. Then a bowl full of yummy food is surely needed. This dog probably is feeling the luckiest on Earth right now, because of this man. He changed his life just like that.

Having someone to watch after you, and someone to feed you, is everything these dogs ask for. It doesn’t matter if you don’t offer them a fancy bed, or fancy toys and treats. They are deeply grateful with the idea that they will not be starving to death, freezing from the cold, and mistreated from the others. All they need is a shelter, some food, and the rest will come as it is. At least nothing will never be like before, and that is what we are all aiming to do for homeless dogs. It is really sad to think that stories like this are common in many states of the world, and sometimes people do nothing to change that. Please share if you want to help dogs, and please don’t leave dogs on the streets if you can help them.

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