This Dog gets back from Iraq after 6 years. WOW


There are a lot of dogs who serve the country overseas. If you have never heard a story about a dog on duty than you can just go ahead and search. Hundreds of cases of dogs serving the country will blow your mind. It is really amazing to read how many years dog have served the country overseas. It is even more amazing to read what they do while on duty, or how many lives and towns these dogs are able to save. Their main job is to watch out for their partners, and check for mine fields. Throughout history, dogs have been key contributors to military units.

Well Dexter here is one of those heroes. He served the country for six-very long years, and finally he is back home now. Many people waited for him at the airport, to welcome one of the heroes of the country. He is a German Shepherd, and he is ten-years old now. While in duty, Dexter served as a partner for the soldiers, he checked for mine fields, or snippers around and so on. HE looks safe and sound, and healthy. Looks like he was a true hero, and managed to serve with high intelligence.

Now that Dexter is back home, he will be honored as a Veteran. He was a true soldier, and they will make sure to take good care of him. Dexter was rescued by Save-A-Vet and received the hero treatment upon arriving home. They still don’t know where is Dexter going to stay now that her is home, but that is up to him. If he wants to stay with people, then they will find a forever home for him. And if he wants to live with other dogs, then they will make his wishes come true. Dexter is going to be treated as well as he deserves to be treated. In the end dogs like this really deserve it!

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