This Dog Does NOT Like What Dad Has To Say. What He Does Is Hilarious!


You’re having a bad day, feeling a bit down or things are just not going well. What you need is to add some humor into your day and what could be better at bringing a smile or a laugh to your day than to watch some funny animal videos?

Nothing can put a smile on your face quicker or help make your day a little brighter than watching some funny pet videos. They get me every time! Watching a hilariously funny family pet video can be just what the doctor ordered, OK so maybe the doctor didn’t order it, but it is a scientific fact that laughter is the best medicine for almost whatever ails you.

Dogs, especially puppies, can be very entertaining to watch as their personalities become visible through their behavior. Puppies are especially entertaining and puppies who are talkers – even more so! Just like children, pups can sometimes be stubborn, throw some ‘attitude’ when they do not want to cooperate and vocally argue to make their point. Combine all of these ingredients, with a very weary Great Dane appropriately

named Thor, and what you get is a hilarious video that will make you smile through the rest of your day.

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