This Dog Doesn’t Just Play In The Leaves… Watch This!


There was no failed attempt. There was no time Stella went in without coming out with the ball. What struck me most was the time it took Stella to locate the ball. It took Stella less than one minute to bring out the ball in all the retrieving attempts captured by this video. I don’t know whether Stella always monitored where the ball landed in the pile of leaves as a guide. That is not clear in the video.

One other thing is that Stella always brought out the ball without scattering the heap of leaves. This feat will take a couple of guys hours to achieve. In fact, they may not even be able to achieve it without leveling the heap of dried leaves. But Stella did it several times in less than one minute each time without leveling the heap of leaves.

Never underestimate the retrieving ability of retrievers. It is simply awesome. Stella pulled this stunt several times even to the amazement of a little kid that was standing by. Why not watch this video and share it. You will be mesmerized and dazzled at Stella’s retrieving ability.

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