This Dog Didn’t Get Along With This Kitten. And Then All Of A Sudden… Whoa!


Most of us see cats and dogs as natural enemies. After being freed from the animal adoption agency and taken to her new home, she came across the creature who she would be sharing the house with. The creature’s name was Romy and at first, it did not look promising for the two of them to become friends.

After giving the kitten one good sniff, Romy decided that it was time to hang out elsewhere, leaving the cute little kitten to wonder what she had done wrong. From there, the dog decided to eat its dinner and the kitten was more than happy to dine alongside of Romy. Not content to stick to her own food, however, the kitten decided to have a taste of the dog’s dinner.

In order to see how this story turns out, you must watch this clip until its exciting conclusion. Will this kitten’s persistence finally pay off? Will she be able to befriend this very aloof dog? Only time will tell.

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