What This Dog Did When His Daddy Collapsed…Just Speechless


On a hot afternoon, in one of the small cities in Brazil, a man was walking with his dog on the street and no prior ailment whatsoever. While walking on that fateful day with his dog, he collapsed on the street, and immediately people around called their local ambulance and it arrived in the shortest possible time. They gave the man a first aid treatment and decided to take him to the hospital for further treatment. The medic totally ignored the dog that was just sniffing around and struggling to know what was going on with his owner and the medics totally ignored the sad dog not knowing that it was belonging to the man they were treating.

They set their ambulance in motion, heading to the hospital. They’ve gone some distance already when they realized that some dog was following them, yet they chose to ignore the dog as they though it was one stranded dog that was following, they continued going, the dog kept following. After some time of travel, the dog was still following them, stunned at this, one of the medics recognized the dog from the scene of the accident and suggested they stop for the dog to know what he wants. Then the driver pulled over for the dog and that was when they realized the dog actually knows the victim in their ambulance. The dog entered the vehicle and just went to lay on its owner’s chest, it was this moment that they realized that this was the victim’s dog. Throughout the journey to the hospital, the dog was obviously not happy and jut laid there without saying anything, it did not bark nor did it disturb anybody. It was just wimping and was full of pity.

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