This Disabled Woman Needs Help. Watch The Dog’s Reaction… I’m Crying!


A well trained dog can be more than just a pet or a guard dog. It can be a life companion depending on its physical attributes, its level of intelligence and the kind of training it has undergone. A particular dog has made the life of a twenty six year old disabled woman much better. This woman suffers from what is known as Ehlers Danlos syndrome. This syndrome is a rare degenerative tissue condition that makes your joints dislocate at any little movement. This condition has confined the young lady to a wheelchair for many years. She used to require people’s assistance for almost everything and this made her life miserable until this wonderful dog came into her life.
This great dog possesses a relatively rare high level of intelligence. The dog helps with a lot of house chores like getting the dishwasher loaded and helping to flush the toilet when its owner is through. The dog even helps to press the buttons at crossings. It is needless to say this rare specimen of animal intelligence is more than just a companion to this young lady. Considering the way things are between this dog and its owner, it would not be out of place to say the dog can now read the mind of its owner to a certain extent. This is because it seems to know what the lady wants at every point in time even before she requests it.

The chores listed above are among this dog’s daily routine. This implies that it carries out these chores on a daily basis. She was in a helpless situation until she got the loyal, intelligent and dedicated companion. This dog is said to be a retriever and that explains its ability to do certain things many dogs can’t do. This lady met her dog through an organization that gives dogs to disabled prospective owners depending on their disability. This organization caters for disabled clients. They look at your disability and figure out the kind of assistance you need and they give you the dog that is most suitable for the task. For instance, they give a well trained lead dog to a blind client. This very dog is said to have been with this lady for almost a couple of years now.

In addition to all what has been mentioned above, the dog presents the lady’s purse to cashiers whenever they go for shopping and even helps to select items from shelves in stores. Having got this great companion, her days of seeking assistance from passers-by and getting turned down are over. This wonderful dog has made life much easier for her. Conclusively, the lady’s life turned around for better ever since she came across her companion.

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