This Depressed Dog Wanted To Give Up, But You’ve Never Seen ANYTHING Like This…


Many people acquire their pet cat or dog from a shelter. We tend to feel like we have done something good for the animal world when we do this. And we have; every pet adopted from a shelter is an animal that gets to live.

This video shows the story of an amazing woman who performed a rescue well beyond what most of us could imagine doing.

At the beginning of the video we see a pitiful pit-bull leaning against the wall of his pen at the shelter. This poor dog was a survivor, barely; of dog fighting. He was abused and neglected then, put in the shelter. The shelter’s evaluation of Nico included mentions of being aggressive and of being a biter. Surely, this is a death sentence in most animal shelters.

Watch as Nico frolics in the snow the first time he sees it. He is befuddled with snow and tries licking it and jumping around in it. He learns to love snow and tries to catch the snow balls.

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