This Deaf Man Goes Out For A Walk And Gets An Amazing Surprise


In the video, Muharrem goes out for a walk with his sister. So far, nothing out of the ordinary, but as soon as he walks by a stranger, this man greets him with sign language, which certainly isn’t usual for Muharrem. Then his sister takes him to a local shop, and the man behind the counter communicates with him using sign language as well. This is clearly not a regular day for him; it just looks like everybody decided to learn sign language all of a sudden, which is great. Incredibly, he then needs to help a stranger pick up some fruit. Obviously it was nor ordinary stranger, and he decided to offer Muharrem some apples in exchange for the help. At this point, Muharrem is just too suspicious and asks his sister if she knew this man. As the day unfolds, everyone talks to Muharrem in sign language, which is just something amazing. Then a cab comes by and drops him off for the grand finale. He is greeting by Melek , a Samsung call center employee, via a board on the street, who talks to him directly by using his name to call for his attention. She then proceeds to explain that Samsung decided to prepare a little surprise for him, and that the company shares a dream with Muharrem: the dream of a world without barriers.

This goal is why the company launched a new product to be at the service of all hearing impaired people in the world. The whole event was captured by hidden cameras placed by Samsung and turned into a touching ad, so make sure to check out the video and let your heart melt!

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