This Couple Adopts Triplets, But When They Visit The Hospital? Oh My God!!!


The couple you are about to see in this video hails from the great state of Oklahoma and they have been struggling to conceive for years. After spending a great deal of time debating their options and struggling with the process of using costly fertility treatments to increase their chances of a successful conception, the couple finally came to the decision that their best course of action would be to adopt children who were in need of a home.

Amy Justice was very happy to learn that she had been selected to be an adopted mother. She would finally be able to welcome children into her home and provide them with the upbringing that they deserved. A local birth mother had chosen her and husband to serve as her unborn child’s adoptive parents.

The pregnancy was progressing normally, with very few issues and complications. The pregnancy was healthy and everything was routine, until a fateful ultrasound took place. During this ultrasound, the couple came to a startling discovery: not only was their baby safe, sound and healthy, but the birth mother was carrying two extra babies! The Justice family was bowled over with excitement at this revelation.

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