This Cop Had To Tell Him His Parents Had Been Killed. What He Did Next Is BEYOND Beautiful!


The police in the United States have come under increasing scrutiny as the national media has high lighted any incident in which a police person may be at fault. It is true that some police abuse the authority and trust that the public has given to them but this one incident from Texas shows that the majority of police are very, very human. Officer Eric Ellison works in the Orange Police department in Texas. Ellison responded to a call one day that involved the accidental death of a man and woman on a motorcycle. Emily and Riley Portie were tragically killed by an intoxicated driver. The couple left behind five children.
As part of his duties in situations like this, Officer Ellison was tasked with reporting the deaths of the mother and father to their children. Ellison could only find the couple’s youngest son Kazzie at the family home. Needless to say, the 18-year-old was devastated by the loss of both his father and his mother at the same time. The young man expressed his grief to Officer Ellison and also told him about his upcoming graduation from Little Cypress – Mauriceville High School in the next week. The young man wondered who would be there to see him graduate from high school now that his parents were gone.
Officer Ellison volunteered to be a substitute for the young man’s parents without hesitation. Ellison was determined that this tragedy would not interfere with the normal rites of passage involved in graduating from high school. Ellison received no awards for his behavior other than the undying affection and admiration of Kazzie.
At the appointed day, Officer Ellison was not only at the graduation but took a place on the podium. He hugged Kazzie Portie like the boy was his own son. The entire graduating class, the young man’s brothers and sisters, and all of the audience was brought to tears by the selfless and kindness that Ellison displayed in going way beyond the call of duty for a boy that needed just a friend. Ellison claims that his generous act was just the right thing to do. The officer’s gruff and burly exterior truly hides a love for people and a depth of kindness that is rarely seen in any person.
Officer Eric Ellison absolutely breaks the stereotypical image that the media promotes of the police and that many people have adopted as “what a cop is like”.

Most people often forget that the police are human. They are human first. If the media was as hungry for news of police people doing good things for other people that is not a part of their defined duties there would be plenty to find.
Officer Ellison epitomizes what a good policeman is. He is involved in his community just as much as a friend as he is as a keeper of law and order.

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