This Clever Cat Was Being Chased By a Dog, So She Did THIS… No Way


When you landed on this page, I am sure that judging by the title of the article you would be expecting nothing too much, because ‘’it’s just a cat’’. In the world we live in today, boundaries in various department of human development, some of which include (science, technology and so on) have been broken. Funny enough and in case you don’t know a cat has also decided to disgrace norms with stunning tricks that are deemed impossible for any cat to perform.

Seeing a well-trained dog perform a trick is no new stuff, considering the fact trick it is one of the things they do best. We have seen it all from dogs in this era and as such stunts or tricks by a dog wouldn’t wow anyone, simply because it would be assumed that a dog somewhere can do the same or even better, can the same be said about cats?. However, most dogs are presumed to very happy performing tricks either for a reward or just for the sake of making his master or everyone happy sometimes. It is not likely that the same could be said about others domestic pet especially cats.

Generally, cats are known for their ductility and obedience to their masters and everybody around, especially when they are offered a treat or shown kindness in return. Surprisingly, a man owns a very special cat (one of very few on the surface of the earth, if not the only one) that can perform very clever tricks, ones that are deemed impossible for any cat to ever perform. Funny enough this cat has been trained to wow everyone with performance of tricks even better than a dog would most times or to be frank and plain, stunts and tricks that a dog has and can never ever attempt thy kingdom come.

The cat goes by the name Didga just in case you do not know him. Although, there is every tendency that you might have seen Didga perform one of his tricks, probably on YouTube, other social media platforms or in form of a gif animation.

Didga became very popular when he used a surfboard he found in a pool to orchestrate his amazing escape from a dog. Obviously, that trick was the bomb, even though that trick was impressive, it seems Didga and his owner categorically decided to raise the bar to an incredible new level, one which has never been witnessed. This shocking video titled ‘’Didga Dreams Big’’ show cases the wonder cat Didga do his thing to prove norms and science wrong. Arguably, the most incredible trick you would ever see from the stable of a cat.

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