This Cheetah helped Riana overcome her breast cancer battle. Their story is just surreal


Meet Riana everyone. A woman from South Africa who has an extraordinary story to tell the world. She is a brest cancer survivor, and life has not been that easy for her. Fortunately she has found the best way to overcome her cancer battles, and life struggles thorough an unusual friendship. This Cheetah named Fiela is her best friend. They live together since forever, and one would never be the ska without the other.

The story actually is fascinating because Riana has had a very fought childhood, as she says in the video below, and her Fiela looked the same sometimes to her. In a kind of way she resembled her child-life, and that is one of the reasons why Riana decided to adopt this Cheetah and keep her as he pet. When i saw the video I was amazed by the fact that Fiela is not the only cheetah this extraordinary woman has. Now she is the founder of the Cheetah Experience. It is like a natural habitat for different kinds of wild animals, who are endangered. She wants to increase awareness, and that is one of the reasons she is taking care of this animals in person.

I think it is a really fun experience to go and work at Cheetah Experience as a volunteers. From what I heard, and read it is a once in a lifetime experience to work closely with these amazing creatures. They might look really scare or dangerous, but remember they act just like they have been trained too. These animals look peaceful and loving, because they have everything they need in their “home” This Cheetah Fiela however is still my favorite. She looks really fierce, and there is a reason they call her THE QUEEN. Share this story. Let’s make Riana movement known world-wide. She truly deserves it!

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