This Cat Snuggling With Her Puppy Will Make You ‘Awww’ Out Loud


From the famous cartoon, “Tom and Jerry” it is no secret that cats and dogs have antagonistic relationships with each other. However, it may not mean that cats and dogs cannot get along. You may be appalled to know that these animals can have a non-aggressive relationship. Dogs love to chase smaller animals which love to run because of their natural instinct. Cats, on the other hand, love to run because of their own natural instinct. When cats see dogs, the natural response to them is to flee and then dog’s natural response also kicks in, making them chase the cat. Other cats may scratch or hiss at dogs in self defense, and some dogs are afraid of cats, but this is relatively rare. Dogs can chase cats and even hurt them if given the chance.

When cats and dogs are properly socialized, they can have a non-antagonistic relationship, even though it seems rare and impossible. Dogs, when they have become used to cats, may be more comfortable around cats than other dogs. It is easier to socialize them when the puppy and kitten are very young and when they grow up together, they may just become best friends.

The cute picture beneath is an example of two unlikely friends and just goes to show how these pets can get along with being antagonistic towards one another.

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The cat who has a funny look and an incredibly cute nose cuddles a small puppy with a beautiful black and brown fur. The cat covers the puppy completely, and the puppy feels so relaxed and has fallen asleep in the arms of his unlikely friend. The look on the cat’s face shows that she is ready to fight anyone who comes close to disturb her adorable puppy’s sleep. The stern look on her face is hilarious as well as scary as she sends a bold message to any intruders of their peace. If she could speak, she would probably scream to ward off people or animals from disturbing her precious pup.

The picture goes to show the love of a mother for a pup, even though, it is of a different species. She lovingly pacifies and snuggles the little pup, and he sleeps off confidently as he knows that his awesome cat mom is watching over his safety. She doesn’t stop there, and she stays awake as he sleeps to ensure that the pup is safe from external forces. This fantastic picture teaches us all a valuable lesson which is that every person or animal can love if you teach them to love. Nobody is unlovable. If a cat can take a puppy into her arms so lovingly, how much more a human just

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