This Cat Never Expected That To Come Through The Door. His Reaction Nearly Brought Me To Tears.


When it comes to making a person’s innermost emotions well up, few things are more effective than seeing a surprise reunion between a pet and a long lost owner. Pets would not be forgiven for assuming that their owners have forgotten about them when they have not seen each other for long a time.

But this video proves that no matter how far this distance between a pet and its owner, they will always remain in each other’s hearts. As this video begins, a patient cat is simply sitting by the door. Perhaps this cat has been waiting for her owner, a soldier who is currently doing a tour of duty, for some time now?

While dogs are typically considered the most loyal of all animals, cats can be incredibly loyal, too, as you can see. The cat even stops its wait to come give the camera operator a little nudge, as if they were trying to let that person know how important this impending moment is to them.

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