This Cat Has Just Been Neutered, And His Reaction? Hilarious!


Cats are much funnier animals than they are given credit for. While some see them as being mean or capricious, cats are capable of displaying a sense of humor. Their reactions to certain events are priceless and their facial expressions say more than words ever could. Cats have an uncanny knack for knowing when they are about to be taken to the vet and the fellow in this video is no different.


He was headed to the vet for a very serious reason. The cat has recently been neutered and his reaction to the process is hysterical. Can you imagine how he must have felt when he woke up from the anesthesia? Luckily, there is no human comparison to this rite of passage.

Coming out of surgery is hard enough, without having to catch a glimpse of stitches in one of our most private places. Cats and dogs are forced to undergo this ritual on a regular basis and while it is often the best choice for their future well-being, we cannot blame the cat in this photo for having the reaction that he did.

The cat checks out his wounds and is clearly not too tickled with his findings. This reaction is definitely understandable, under the circumstances. We are sure that if he had a say in the matter, he would not have chosen this route. While there is a certain amount of consternation and disagreement about whether pets should be spayed or neutered, it is a debate that will surely continue to rage.

Animal rights groups often speak out against these practices, since they feel like they are a violation of the animal’s inherent rights. On the other side of the discussion are the vets and shelter workers who believe that there are already far too many animals without a home already.

They believe that spaying and neutering animals is the best way to cut down on the shelter population and ensure that every animal has a forever home.

Just take a look at this incredible photo:


As with any debate, there is certainly merit to both sides. At the end of the day, a pet’s parent has to be the one to decide what is right for their animal and keep them from birthing a litter of kittens or puppies into an adverse situation.

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