This Brilliant Kitty Was Being Chased By a Dog So She Did THIS.. OMG!


In this video, you will find that Didga has come up with yet another way to be impressive. This video is called “Didga Dreams Big” and boy does she. When you first see her in action, you will think that she is an ordinary cat. But it appears that she can surf the internet with the best of them. I really wasn’t expecting anything too impressive, but she really is! Some of the clips that were shown about how she can jump on things and roll over was amazing. I especially love when she jumps onto the paddle boat and slides across the water. She knows how to take instruction and that may be the most important thing.

She is very nimble and can jump very high. She can even stop on a dime. Literally, her owner puts a dime down on the ground and tells her to stop. She stops with her paw on the dime. She is also a really good swimmer and has no problem being in the water. If you think all of that is cool, she even knows how to use the toilet and flush. If you want a cat that doesn’t use a litter box, then just train him to be more like Didga because she will flush and never use a litter box.

The cat even knows how to play dead. I mean, how cool is that for a trick? My dog won’t even do that. Just when you thought a cat couldn’t be trained like a dog, you meet one like Didga. The video is just over three minutes long and includes so many of the different tricks that this dog is capable of. There are many different videos on the internet about Didga but this one is perhaps one of the best because it is a compilation.

You won’t want to miss out on the tricks. During the set up, you will be in front of your computer screen saying “no way” or “there’s no way a cat can do that”. That’s when BAM! The cat is able to do the trick to your amazement. And I’ve never seen a cat do anything like these tricks.

Have you ever seen a cat perform like this? Be sure to share the cat tricks video with your friends to get their comments on it. We’re impressed and hope you will be, too!

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