This Boy Plays With A Very ‘Strange’ Friend. When I Realized What It Was… What The Heck!?


This little boy and a friend about the same age get out onto the pier and pet the ray. The second boy actually stands on top of the animal while they stroke it between its eyes. The ray moves out to a little deeper water again and then comes back. The boy splashes his fish friend with water. It really looks like the fish has left but after a few minutes the ray returns for more fun with the humans. The fish heads out for deeper water as two men in motor boat deliver shrimp to the stone dock the boys are standing on. Strange to behold, when the boat leaves the ray comes back to visit his new found bestie.

The fish raises its head out of the water like it is expecting to be petted again. The fish wriggles its fins vigorously and dives again but returns to its human friend in just a few seconds. The boy strokes his new bud’s fins. The boy even feeds the stingray by hand. Bet no one has seen that at Sea World. The sound of motors seems to make the stingray finally leave his little human companion. Adults that are around the child seem to be telling him to stay away from the stingray but the two beings have developed a rapport with each other and the little boy insists on spending as much time with his amazing new friend as possible.

Children and animals seem to have some type of communication with each other that gets lost or misplaced due to lack of use as they become adults. The stingray and the little boy obviously have no fear of each other. That could be the key to this odd but heartwarming little vignette of a stingray and a little boy playing with each other.

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