This Boxer Spots A Feather On The Floor. His Reaction? I Can’t Stop Laughing!


How would your dog react in a situation like this? Would he be calm and collected? Or would the fear set in? Perhaps your dog would also be baffled by the flight of the feather floating up and down in the air. To the average human being, it may just seem like just another object, but for a dog like Rex it is something that throws him off guard and out of his comfort zone.

It’s time to beat the feather, and Rex is definitely passionate about showing it that he is ready to take this on. There are a couple of occasions where he is completely overwhelmed and this causes him to scamper away. However, Rex is not finished yet, and decides to give it another go. You can hear how desperate he is by the tone of in the persistent barks he lets out. It is if he is crying out with mixed emotions not knowing what to do next.

Anyone who has a dog would connect with lovely Rex in a flash. Dogs like Rex do some incredibly funny and outrageous things, and they can only make us smile. One has to simply watch this to see the boxer’s frustrations and emotions come to life as he deals with this tricky situation. It is interesting to find out what happens in the end of the clip.

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