This Birds Favorite Song Comes On – When He Opens His Beak It Is Absolutely Adorable


It is no secret that pets love music, and this cockatiel is certainly no different. While you might expect a cockatiel named Patrick Jane to listen to something a little more low key, his taste in tunes just might surprise you a bit. When this bird’s favorite song comes on, he just can’t help but to sing along to it.

So what is this song that this cockatiel loves to jam out to so much? None other than the Nelly/Kelly Rowland duet “Dilemma”! The rapper and R&B singer (formerly of Destiny’s Child) crafted this catchy little ditty back in 2002 and it has endured as a karaoke staple to this day. This song is so good, even other species are able to enjoy it.

The song is Patrick Jane’s all-time favorite, according to his owner, and for good reason. The song went to the top of the charts in ten different countries upon its release and even won a Grammy at the 45th annual award ceremony. Nelly and Kelly Rowland were given the award for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration for their efforts.

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