This Bird Was Born Different From The Others And Ignored By His Parents. But Watch The End, Trust Me


Everyone is familiar with the story of Rudolph, who was a red nosed reindeer and an outcast of his society, until he was able to leverage his differences to save Christmas. While skeptics might be shaking their heads and muttering to themselves about how this is a made up, fictional children’s fable, the bird in this video just might be a real life version of Rudolph.

The lovebird in this clip was born under much different circumstances than his sisters and brothers. His legs were permanently splayed in an awkward position and he was also very small, as compared to the rest of his family. His siblings never showed him the love that he deserved and his parents essentially ignored him for the majority of his existence.

With a life like this, the lovebird would be forgiven for packing it in, for giving up on himself entirely. Eventually, his siblings would take him under their wing and help him to survive. The disabled lovebird was named Benjamin and once you see what was done for him, to make his life better, you will not be able to believe your eyes.

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