This Bike Was Sprayed With Special Paint. But Once The Sun Goes Down, It Transforms Into THIS


The idea is simple. You spray the coating on parts of your bike and parts of your riding gear like your helmet and back pack. The coating is colorless at night but glows bright white when car head lights hit the coating.
Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 1.38.36 AM
The basic idea is to make it impossible for a car driver not to see a bicycle rider at night because the paint makes the bicycle and the rider glow like a light. The light is really bright from the coating. A driver could not miss a person on a bike at night with this coating on their bike or clothing.

The video demonstration does not say how long the coating lasts on clothing. One could presume that the coating lasts for a long time on your bike but may need to be refreshed if you wash and wax the bike.

You can think of LifePaint as dayglo paint that keeps you from getting hurt or killed riding a bicycle at night or when lighting conditions are poor. No cost is stated in the video but can you put a price on your leg or arm? This is a great idea based on some simple paint technology that is certain to prevent injuries and deaths to bicycle riders across the world. Just spray and stay with us.

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