This Belly Dancer Takes The Stage. When She Turns Around, The Audience Can’t Look Away!


In the video, we can see Sadie Marquardt performing. She is a renowned belly dancer that is known all over the world for her amazing skills. He started her career by appearing as a Rising Star on BD-TV a few years back (in 2004). Since then, she became incredibly popular and her performances were on high demand. So much so, she actually started to teach belly dancing and managed to produce dozens of instructional DVD’s and appear on “America’s Got Talent.”

Clearly, Sadie Marquardt knows what she is doing and in this performance she starts off by being with her back turned to the crowd. As soon as the music kicks in, she turns around and makes everyone drop their jaws in the audience due to the fact that she had a little surprise for them – she is pregnant. According to comments on the video, not only was she just pregnant, she was six months into it, which made it all that much more amazing.

This is an amazing performance not only because she was pregnant, but also because it breaks a lot of barriers. Usually, belly dancers have an incredibly flat belly just to show off their amazing curves but this woman is pregnant, and still manages to be an amazing dancer.


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