THIS Bear Climbs Up The Ladder and Then Does An Epic Belly Flop. At :36 I can’t stop laughing.


This bear even manages to look cute as he clambers out of the pool, using both paws as a steadying influence. He puts his hind leg over the side and is definitely ready to run back up the ladder and start the process all over again. After getting out, he shakes off all the excess water, giving Carl a shower that he does seem to mind one bit. Bruiser is nothing to be afraid of and watching him have a good time is infectious. Carl’s setup is a part of his animal sanctuary and he provides a home for two bears, as well as six tigers, two mountain lions, two alligators and two bobcats. Bruiser’s a Syrian brown bear, an increasingly endangered species that resides in the Middle East. Thanks to Carl, he was able to escape and find a better life in Florida.

Thanks to videos like these, we can now see that brown bears are lighthearted creatures with a softer side. Single Vision is the name of Carl’s non profit sanctuary and if you would like to provide a donation, be sure to pay a visit to their website and check out everything they have to offer. Share this link, so that the word can spread far and wide!

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