This Beagle’s Catching Skills Are Astounding


When it comes to watching dogs in action, seeing them perform an act as simple as catching a ball can be mesmerizing. It is amazing to see an animal who is coordinated enough to track a ball and catch it in its mouth. When you stop to consider the fact that many humans cannot reliably catch a ball with their own two hands, this feat becomes all the more amazing.

The beagle you are about to see in this video is too cute for words. Her name is Purin and she is even dressed up like people, which only serves to add to the adorable factor. But Purin is not content to catch a ball in her mouth, like all of her contemporaries, because that would be too easy.

She is also not content just to dress like people, she also wants to catch like people, too. Unlike most dogs, who like to stand far away from their masters and catch a ball by using their mouth, Purin stands within a few feet of her owner and catches the ball with her body. While this may sound impossible, this video will turn a skeptic into a believer.

We are not quite sure how this is even possible, but Purin the beagle has somehow managed to learn how to catch the ball with her paws. Dogs lack the opposable thumbs that make the act of catching so easy for a human, which only serves to make this feat all the more impressive. The viewer is left to wonder how in the world a beagle can catch a ball in its paws and how long it must have taken for the owner to train them in this fine art.

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