This Baby Elephant Came Toward Her – But Nobody Expected Him To Do THIS


The elephant obviously satisfied with the cuddles and with soft spoken words from Allie gets back to her feet and walks away with a pat from Allie on her backside.

Looking forward to several more cuddles in future between Allie and the elephant even till when she is fully grown. Hopefully she will learn not to squash her with her weight then.

It is noteworthy to mention here that the Chai Lai Orchid resort is a nature retreat which is known to share some of its property with an elephant camp. Originally, the 12 elephants there were used for mass tours but now the Chai Lai Orchid is making efforts to raise some money and rescue them with a bid to creating a sanctuary in Northern Thailand for the elephants.

It is hoped that this can be accomplished so that these jumbo-sized but adorable animals can peacefully live grazing, taking cooling baths and going for leisurely walks.

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