This Baby Elephant Was Rejected By His Herd. But Watch When He Meets The Dog…


A baby elephant named Ubuntu, or simply called ‘Ellie’ was rejected by its herd and was pushed out to witness the harsh conditions the world has to offer. This baby elephant was found and taken to a Rhino rehabilitation center in Zululand, South Africa. The rehabilitation center should not even be considered as a home to an elephant, if not for the unusual circumstances surrounding this story. Rhinos are often reserved in these camps because they fall prey to poachers. This isn’t the case for baby Ellie; the elephant is not being hunted by poachers but was simply rejected by its herd. Several attempts were made to reunite the baby elephant with its herd even after the herd was located, but they all rejected baby Ellie. The elephant had a terrible medical condition that was near fatal after it was found with an umbilical hernia. The elephant managed to survive and start to recover after treatment and nursing by wildlife keepers. Feeding the elephant wasn’t exactly easy, as the elephant even started to develop intolerance for all kinds of milk it was being fed.
Elephants are usually brought up with herds since they are very social, so this factor made it extremely hard to take care of the solitary elephant. Often times lonely, recovering Ellie had to take it one step at a tome in order to get better. Things changed with the arrival of an unusual friend in the form of Duma, a recovery-sniffing dog. The most fascinating thing is how the once lethargic and sickly baby elephant instantly came to life when it was introduced to Duma at the park.

The interaction between Ellie and Duma has created the most amazing relationship as both animals have developed a tight bond. The dog can even be seen to be quite overprotective of the elephant and it is even quite hard keeping the both of them away from each other.

The remarkable thing about this story is the fact that despite how dogs and elephants have different character traits and personalities, they seem to still love each other nonetheless. This is quite the lesson for us humans. It shows us that we can overcome every difference that exists between us. Love does not have to be a function of similarities.
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