This Adorable Pup Can’t Stop Yawning And Its Super Contagious!


All he wants from his human is to be left alone, so that he can get some much needed shut eye. After all, he has probably had a long, hard day at the office. He just wants to go to bed, but his owner demands entertainment first. But sleep is the furthest thing from his mind, once he is pulled up from his comfortable perch.

As if this were not enough of an indignity, he is then forced into a game of a peek a boo against his will. He does not seem to be thrilled with this turn of events. He’s the biggest, healthiest and most adorable of the bunch, but no one seems to care that he is clearly the sleepiest. His wants and needs have gone by the wayside and his facial expression is definitely priceless.

He’s a fluffy cuddle machine and instead of letting him get some much needed shut eye, he has been pressed into duty. He’s too tired to play on the lawn at this point of the day and he is clearly hoping that everyone else will grow tired of this game. His brothers are not impressed and they are whispering about his tendency to stay awake all night and sleep all day.

No longer content to play, the poor, tired pup finally conks out on the front yard. He is ready to take a nice, long nap under the sun and continues to yawn, even when his human is trying to have a conversation with him. Be sure to take a look at this clip and just try to keep your heart from melting in the process!

This cute little pup finally realizes what should have been obvious all along: his owner is not going to let him off the hook until he provides some entertainment first. When he lifts his paws and makes the telltale “go away and let me sleep” gesture, you’ll be amazed. Please take time out to share this incredible story with your friends and family.

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