Things Kept Going Missing In His Apartment So He Set Up A Hidden Camera. What He Found? Terrifying


A New York City resident was experiencing an abnormal event at his apartment. Food kept vanishing with little to no reasonable explanation. The amount of food that was disappearing was so disconcerting, he even asked his girlfriend if she was the culprit. Once she denied her involvement, he decided that it was time to set up a hidden camera and finally catch the food bandit red-handed. Choosing a strategic corner of the apartment and pointing the camera directly at the kitchen, the man headed to bed. What he saw once he rolled back the footage the next morning will astound, amaze and terrify. As we watch the footage, we see a strange woman appear out of nowhere, almost as if she were an apparition. She creeps out of a crawlspace that was being used for storage, an area that extended over the location of the kitchen. Moving very slowly and deliberately, she clambers down from the crawlspace and makes her way towards a table top. From there, she heads down to the floor of the kitchen, being very careful to avoid making any sort of noise.

This intruder is clearly experienced, as she seems to know exactly where all of the items she needs are located without having to do too much searching. The ease with which she is raiding this man’s kitchen is certainly disturbing. The worst part of this skin crawling clip? The man wakes up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, not noticing the intruder and even drinking from the same carton she used!

Watching a man’s personal space be violated to such a heinous degree can be difficult viewing. With the police letting the man know that this wasn’t the first case of this nature that they had dealt with, it truly makes you wonder how many people are currently living with an unwanted house guest like her. Please share this video with your friends and family on Facebook.

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