Things Kept Disappearing So He Set Up a Hidden Camera. What He Found Will CREEP You Out!


What is even more unnerving is that she seems in no rush and appears to be a pro at knowing where everything in the house is. From the layout of the house, to where the food is, and how to get in and out undetected, she seems to be a master of being the ultimate break in person. Turns out, this wasn’t her first foray into this guy’s house. Stealthily, she crept down off of a stool, took her time going through things and picking the items she wanted to divulge in and seemed unconcerned about getting caught. At one point while she is relaxing on his couch, she hears someone coming and hides. Turns out its the owner of the house and he walks less than a couple feet from her! He even drinks out of the same carton that she just had in her hands! Gives you goosebumps, doesn’t it?

When she decides that she has had enough of the food, the couch, the sink and the other “amenities” of the house, she slips out just as quietly as she came in, everything back in place.

So the next time you think something is a little off, it might not be all in your head! It may just be a creepy lady moving through the walls of your house!

After seeing this creepy video, it makes me wonder if I am even safe in my own home! It leaves a lot of questions, like who is this woman, how did she figure out how to get into the house, and how long has she been doing this? Was this staged or did someone really do this? Stranger things have happened, but I hope it doesn’t happen to me!

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