They’re Walking On A Frozen Lake, But Wait Till You See Exactly What’s Below Their Feet…


What could be more fun than to ice-skate across this truly amazingly gorgeous frozen lake than to also bring along man’s best friends, or in this case, two of a woman’s best friends? These two dogs have a winter wonderland of a time as they stroll, and sometimes run across the crystal clear lake with their owner. Watch as one of the dogs gives its owner a break and pulls her across the crystalline lake surface so all she need do is stand still and glide across the ice. Watch the golden retriever as he runs after one of the many fish he spies swimming at what looks like just below his paws. It must be a bit frustrating to be unable to reach down and grab it!

The scenery of Lake Blanktjärn is beyond breathtaking! Watching the pair of family dogs running along with their owner as they are frolicking on the clear frozen lake will put a smile on anyone’s face for sure. The family is having a wonderful time and watching the dogs as they try to chase the fish below is to say the least, pretty entertaining. Make sure to check out the video of the dogs and their owner as they experience their walk over the crystal clear frozen beauty.

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