They Were Filming A Dog Boneyard When All Of A Sudden They Find This Dog…


Ms. Tarashevska finds corpse after corpse of abandoned dogs and even finds a puppy that was thrown away in a tied plastic bag. Those that wish to protect their children from seeing the deceased animals and the vivid and disgusting signs of what abandoned dogs are doomed to should click ahead to the two minute mark in the video.

There is a bit of triumph in all the tragedy because the lady does find one dog alive and is able to rescue one out of possibly on hundred dogs that starved to death.

All the people in the United States that care about animal welfare need to watch this video. You will never see a starker or more poignant example of what happens to dogs that are abandoned by cruel and irresponsible people.

The lady’s tears and frustration at the lack of help for this problem in Dallas and all the cities in the United Sates should serve as a call to action for everyone that cares about animals.

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