They Were Afraid She Wasn’t Going To Make It. But This Will Blow You Away.


Thanks to the caring team at Animal Aid, Mabel makes a full recovery after looking like she had no chance of surviving. This long beaked brown dog named Mabel looks so happy and healthy at the end of this video that you won’t believe it. It is amazing how these rescue workers bring Mabel back to life. Thanks to “Animal Aid” in India this cute brown dog makes a big recovery. Mabel is found wandering the streets of India with the mange and looking almost dead.

Watch this video as you see this rescue team jump into action saving beautiful Mabel. Mabel is found looking all black and she is really a brown dog. These rescue workers give her two months of treatment before she ends up all shiny and new again. It gives you a warm feeling to see Mabel feeling happy and wanting to play with other dogs again. This is an amazing video seeing the recovery process of this cute brown dog. Please SHARE This on facebook!

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