They Went To See What The Cat Was Looking At And… Oh My Goodness!


Watch this video to see this mountain lion patting his giant paw at the back door. This white persian cat is no way intimidated by him and looks amused as the lion continues to tap on the window. The reflection in the two cats eyes are quite interesting. These mountains lions are known to eat domestic cats! Watch this video to see something right out of the animal kingdom. This big cat seems really scary as he stares through the window. But when you see this black and white persian cat he is not one bit afraid as he stares down this ferocious big mountain cat from the wild. Watch to see this showdown between the house cat and the mountain lion it is really something.

Watch this video and you can see a small confrontation between the two cats. The black and white cat can be heard meowing at the big cat. In return the big mountain lion hissed right back at the the inside cat. You have to see this amazing video from the animal kingdom.

This is definitely a scary situation and it is all captured on this video. These big mountain lions are known to carry off these domestic cats and now you can see how this black and white cat stands up to this giant mountain lion. The domestic cat has his back raised into the air but he is not one bit intimidated by this situation. At times it seems the big cat is just playing as he taps his big giant paw on the window. But as you watch him he is not playing he is hungry.

This is a frightening situation for anybody but this domestic cat won’t back down. I could watch this over and over again it is just that interesting how these creatures are wired. At the end of course the house cat wins and the big cat is seen running off. Watch this cool animal kingdom video and pass it on to family and friends.

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