They wanted to Euthanize her, then this miracle happened


The dog I am going to talk about in this post is called Daisy. Daisy was a homeless dog, found wandering around the streets from Animal control. The thing is, Daisy was born with some birth problems, and she could not walk properly. in fact she could not use her front legs. The only way to “walk” was using the back legs, and jumping like if she was a rabbit! Once Animal control noticed her issues, they decided to euthanize her.


Luckily, a forcer family came forward, and offered to take her home, until she found a forever family. They really showed some love, and helped Daisy to have her life back. IT didn’t take long, and Daisy found her forever family. They were really happy that she was not euthanized, and they wanted to make sure that she lived her life, just like the other normal dogs. That’s when her family ordered a wheelchair for her. She was able to move around, she should not run properly, and unfortunately after using the wheelchair for a while, the poor dog had some back injuries.


Her family did not give up. They decided to get some prosthetics. They enabled Daisy to have natural legs-like movements around the house, and not only. At first Daisy struggled a little to get used to her new “front legs”, but fortunately it did not take very long. Soon enough she was up, ready to conquer the world, and all her fears. Now she is able to move around, run, and play just like the other dogs. In the video below you will see Daisy, and how happy she is for having the family she has. They made her life better than she could have ever imagined.


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