They Wait For The Music To Start. But You’ll Want To Keep Your Eyes On The Dog…


There are two sides to a coin and what you are about to watch can be likened to that proverbial coin. Let us help you see things a bit clearer. The fist side of the coin is this – many a times have you seen a beautiful dance expression and gone “wow” or for some extreme lovers, have even been moved to tears. While the whole world may differ in the way our cultures are set up and the languages we speak, we are always confident that we hold the power to one of the oldest forms of universal languages known to man – dance.

Dance and the dance culture do not seem to be going anywhere soon and whenever you see a ballerina or break-dancer, you still pause to marvel at the greatness of the art. Now, that is just the first side of this coin.

If you are a dog parent or pet lover, it would be totally relatable to think of the thrill you would get when your pet does something spectacular or the kind of pride in your heart when you have taught your pet to break the norm of animals and do something that would drop the jaw of humans. Pets have juggled things, pets have learnt how to play ‘fetch’ to perfection, circus animals would even spring up new tricks on you occasionally to wow you but never have you seen this kind and degree of perfection in the act that would be pulled by this dog – and that is what would marvel you most about this video.

With an amazing sense of urgency and calm, the dog waited on the extended red carpet while expecting the music to start. The whole audience was also in anticipation of what would happen with this dog and woman ensemble and much like yourself before seeing the video, you could smell their eagerness and anticipation already. Then, the music started and a beautiful dancer started to deliver a great choreography to the instruments playing. What you want to look at here is not the dance steps that she pulled off, or the great moves she had, but you want to totally focus on the dog because there lies the entire plot of this script.
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With a knowledge of routine that even humans would be jealous of and even without looking at its instructor, the dog pulls off one of the best coordinated choreography you’ve ever seen. In doubt? Just see the video and be amazed too.

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